Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 21

So, it never dawned on me that there would be "an app for that" to fix the issues I was having being unable to post from my iPad!

There is quite a bit to catch up on, but the most significant is this...I have been gluten free for 21 days. After the initial withdrawal symptoms, my headaches have been a lot better. I have been casein (milk protein) free for several months and that has helped as well.

I was inspired to try gluten free because a number of people I know had done it and had found relief from their migraines. The biggest reason is that my HHP recommended it. Also, my cousin (whose migraines land her in the ER because the symptoms are indistuishable from stroke) gave me this book to borrow. This neurologist had migraines and stumbled on this diet that is similar to Paleo and Trim & Healthy Mama, from what I understand. This book helped me understand so much about headaches and how our bodies process food.

Because I am on so many different prescriptions for different things, I am trying to be very scientific about the changes and so my first step in this ancestral diet Dr. Turknett recommends was removing gluten. It has been a big step, but it has been good. The next step will be sugar, but that will be harder and I've learned I need to time the initial withdrawal period so that the reaction happens at a time when missing work wouldn't stress me out a lot. So I'm thinking next month.

In any event, the biggest thing of all is that with this and some other work I'm doing for my overall health, my attitude towards food in general is changing and that is huge! 

This book is a quick read and I recommend it to anyone with headaches!