Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There are at least 2 honest people...

...left in this world. Remember this? Well, last night I received my computer bag WITH SEEMINGLY UNTOUCHED COMPUTER INSIDE back from the people that rescued it!!!!!

Yes, you read that right! They were moving in 2 doors done and thought they better take it before someone stole it. They reported it to the office and waited. I didn't report the theft to the office because 1) didn't see the need; my apartment complex is not the kind where people turn stuff in, ya know? and 2) I haven't had the best of experiences with the management of office over past 5 years.

Well, somehow (only God), the guy found my work e-mail address in the bag and e-mailed me Sunday. I e-mailed him back and called his number and yesterday picked up the bag. I never even expected the computer would still be there but the bag itself is worth $65-75 so it was worth walking 2 doors over in 105* heat. But I could tell when they handed me the bag from the weight...and indeed when I got home and opened it...computer was there. Turned it on, worked beautifully.

Praise the Lord, and thank you to the 2 honest people (at least 2) that are left in this world. Never guessed they would live in my apartment complex, let me tell you that! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stupid act of the century...

...is leaving your work laptop rolling bag out in clear daylight for anyone and everyone to see and steal...and not realizing it until 12 hours later...


I blame the migraine pills that make me seriously foggy-headed.

But praise the Lord I still have a job and while I had to close my checking account due to having copies of checks (new house docs) in the same bag, I don't think I lost anything else.

Except maybe my sanity...but that was certainty in question before this.

Hope you are smiling because it is stupid and worth a chuckle, even to me. Really?! No matter how brain-dead you are, no matter how full your hands are, no matter how many trips you have to make inside, no matter how trashed and de-arranged the apartment is due to moving (so you don't notice it's not in its usual spot until 12 hours later)...you don't do this...except...


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celebrating the "second to the last..."

...time to do laundry going in and outside in the heat! Setting timers so people won't steal my stuff, worrying about whether I'll be able to find machines not being used to get my laundry done when I want to or rearrange my plans to do it later, etc. are only things I'll have to worry about 1 more time after this weekend. Because one of the best things about owning my own home is that it comes with 2 wonderful appliances - a washer and a dryer. Laundry will no longer be such an event--hooray!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting more real...

So...Shutterfly does more than just pictures...who knew??? Got these fun moving announcements just now for good price! Get $10 off for showing you them, too! :) I made a book from my Ukraine trip on Shutterfly and was soooo happy with how it turned out - was very easy and sooooo much quicker than making a scrapbook by hand! I have also ordered lots of prints from them over the years and have been very happy! Highly recommend them!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Clear "Yes"

So the house...well, after the first appraisal came back for x, my realtor filed a rebuttal showing why it should come back for x+$2500 (sales price). Earlier this week, we got revised appraisal for just that - great news! BUT, underwriting at lender had to agree...more waiting...won't know till this next week...except...I just got a call...

Revised appraisal approved for sales price = Sarah shells out less of her savings for this house = a clear "yes" from the Lord = answers to many prayers!

How gracious the Father is!

So, barring anything else sprouting up, the closing is set for August 30. I'm allowing myself to be officially excited now...praise the Lord!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House Update

The appraisal came back yesterday. If it came back at x or x+2500, then I knew it was going to be the one the Lord wanted for me. It can back for x...which is not the best news since it means I have to take the other $2500 out of savings to pay the difference between sales price and appraisal...but it's also not the worst news. It could have appraised for x-2500 or something. My realtor disagrees with some of the adjustments the appraiser made and I guess there is a rebuttal process. She was also going to go back to the sellers because clearly we don't want the sellers to know that I am still planning on buying the house even though it didn't quite appraise for the selling price.

So, it would be great if the sellers would lower their price some more, but based on the fact that they wouldn't even give me $200 credit for A/C maintenance, I'm not holding my breath! Speaking of A/C, I'm secretly hoping maybe it will poop out this week that it's supposed to be 105+ everyday (including some days 109) and then they would HAVE to replace it for me...we'll see. The Lord is in control and not surprised by any of these details.

I'm continuing to have daily migraines and am just trying to make it through the days at work until hopefully the preventative meds we've started get to a therapeutic level in my system and kick in...the Lord is faithful. :)