Monday, June 28, 2010

Prayer Requests

Hi. I'm linking to Kelly's blog today. Here are some prayer requests on my heart right now. I would love if you would pray for me about them. Thanks!

1) My Dad has been having severe throat pain and headaches for months and months. He's been to 10 different doctors and no one has any great ideas. Please pray for pain relief and answers soon.

2) My friends B and A are in need of a job (music minister) and a place to live. They have had an interview with a church in MO and it seems like a good fit. As the process continues, I'm praying for wisdom for both sides.

3) My friend A is on a missions trip to Honduras right now. Please pray for team members to work together to help the people there, as well as for the team to each be drawn closer to the Lord during their trip.

4) Friends L and S have been without jobs for more than a year. Please pray for God's provision and peace during the waiting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane!

but unfortunately, I do know when I'll be back again!

In exactly 1.02124340277805 days (or 25 hours), I'll be in OH with my bro/sis-n-law/niece. My niece is 2.5 years old and it's been a long 6 months since I've seen them. I am sooooo excited that we'll be there tomorrow! :) :)

While our visit will be short as it always is (I come back Monday), I am super thankful for the time I have and cherish every minute. I set my alarm clock to get up as early as my niece does so I don't miss a moment of her day. :)

On a bit of a negative note, I am way frustrated with what the airlines have done to our packing/travel routine. I find myself unwilling to pay $60+ for checking a bag for a long weekend, so I pack everything in my carry-on. For this girl that is NOT a light packer, this is not easy at all. I hate feeling so confined to the clothes/shoes that I bring, not knowing if I'll want or need something else (and since I'm much bigger than all my family members, I can't really borrow clothes from them). ARGH.

The hassle of travel is more than completely worth it. When I'm in the presence of the child I love more than life itself, all the inconveniences and stresses of flying just fade away. I think I'd walk on nails to see that sweet baby girl. :)

P.S. I may post about my trip when I get back next week. I say "may" because I want to respect the fact that my bro/sis-n-law are extremely private people and I don't want to violate their privacy. There will be no pictures for sure. You'll just have to trust me that my niece is the most beautiful 2.5 yr old you've ever seen, and that I will have had the time of my life spending 3.5 days with her and her parents and grandparents. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Home is...

1) Cat-free :)
2) Dog-free :(
3) Comfortable
4) Relaxing
5) Cluttered b/c I need to unpack
6) Where I spent last night :)

I knew it was too good to be true that I was in my own bed early, reading, last night. I got a phone call from the pets' owner and she had missed her flight. I had already taken the meds I take at bedtime which make me sleepy. I had to go over to her apartment and walk the dog. Then because I was so sleepy, I had to call a friend to stay on the phone with me so I wouldn't fall asleep until I got home.

The owner finally arrived home this morning and I'm assuming the animals were fine overnight because I haven't heard anything.

I can't tell you what an enormous sense of relief I have that none of the three animals (cat, dog, horse) were sick/needed vet care during the time they were in my care.

I am looking forward to NOT being on call tonight and maybe getting a full night's sleep for the first night in 17!!!

And, in just 4 days, 96 hours or 5760 minutes (not that I'm counting), I'll be with my precious niece (and her parents and mine). HOORAY! :) :)

Have a great week.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lessons from Cats and Dogs

As I mentioned, I am pet-sitting. I am 9 days into my 16-day stint and glad that it will be over on Sunday.

Praise the Lord that things have gone well. Only the cat has gotten sick and as gross as it was, it was only once. They are both eating and doing well and I am praying that continues through Sunday when I will be relieved of my duties. :)

Following are a few things I've learned from the 2 different species I'm co-habitating with:

  • Life is all about me. I couldn't care less if I make you happy--you're the one that's supposed to make me happy, remember? Now where's my treat?
  • This is my world, and I just let you live in it. Why is it so difficult for you to remember that?
  • I will NOT come when you call me and am offended you would think for a moment that I would.
  • I am not necessarily happy to see you when you get home--especially if you interrupt my nap.

  • Life is all about you and I'll show you with my every breath that you are the center of my universe. My life's goal is to please you.
  • This is your world and I'm happy to be a part of it.
  • I will come when you call me because I love you and there's always a chance you'll have a treat for me, or a belly rub, both of which I enjoy immensely. But just being next to you is all I need to be happy.
  • I am ALWAYS glad to see you when you get home--whether it's been 5 minutes or 5 hours! A minute without you is too long.
Now why does it surprise you that I like dogs and not cats? :)

No offense to you cat-lovers, I respect you. I don't understand you, but I respect you nonetheless!