Friday, September 30, 2011

Fair-Feathered Shoppers

Last night after work, I went by my CVS to pick up a couple RX's when outside the door, I saw these guys (or girls, I didn't check!). They got even closer to the door but never went in. They are not at all skittish of people - the first picture is not zoomed!

After a rather "downer" day at work, it was just a funny sight and several other customers and I had a good laugh at these feathered-fellows' expense. I swear (except I don't) that one of them was wagging its tail feathers while we were talking to it!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

To befriend or beware....???

So on Friday, when I opened the mailbox (which is so pleasantly attached to my house and not a walk away as it's been these previous 10 years of apartment-dwelling)...there was a letter handwritten in pencil on white notebook paper that read:


Which immediately got me to wondering...was I to watch out in the sense of be careful not to run over them with my car? Or was I to watch out in the sense that they not break into my house and attack me at night?

I'm generally not a fan of squirrels. They are too rodent-looking to me. I have nothing especially against them and will not intentially harm them, but, well, just not my favorite out of all the creatures God made.

It just struck me as a very odd message. Maybe it will give you a chuckle like it did me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Think Pink

If you or someone you know likes yogurt, please consider eating Yoplait for the next couple months. Once again this year, they have their "Save Lids to Save Lives" Pink Lids campaign. For every lid collected, or for the first time this year, entered online, they donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

I think most of us know someone (or knows someone who knows someone) whose life has been touched by this awful disease. I love being able to help donate a tiny bit to the race to the cure by doing something I do everyday anyway - eating yogurt! :)

And, if you can, be sure to participate in your local Race for the Cure - it's a wonderful experience...and very moving, especially to see all the pink shirts (survivors) - but even more to see the "I'm walking in memory Mom" (and the girl is a teenager who's wearing the card/shirt).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving... not for the weak!

I have NO IDEA how my miliary friends do this so often. I haven't moved in 5 years and I only have my stuff, not a houseful with 3 children and yet it wears me out!

PRAISE THE LORD, though, it is done. I am out of my apartment. I am in my new home. My bedroom, thanks to my Dad, is my favorite shade of my favorite color (Sherwin Williams calls it "brave purple"). There are a TON of boxes to unpack, but they aren't going anywhere, so I will get to them as my body allows. Thankfully there is a spare room and large spare closet to hide them from sight so they don't stress me out!

Now if I could just get AT&T to install the internet they were supposed to last week...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Mine (or will be in 30 years...)

Me = homeowner!!!

(though not in Canada; keychain came from owners)

Praise the Lord! :)