Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on Dad

Dad does NOT have cancer! The sarcoidosis is benign, praise the Lord! He has to find a doctor to treat him - I guess it will be a rheumatologist or a pulmonologist because it's around his trachea...hopefully he can finally get some treatment for his pain. We're just so relieved it's not cancer. Thank you to anyone who prayed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on House

Even though there were several little things from the inspection Monday that I could have asked the sellers for credit for, I only asked for $200 for an A/C service call because it is not working well (and for any of you reading this that aren't in Dallas, it's 100+ here for the past month with no foreseeable break in sight). They wouldn't agree to it! Basically, they say they can't afford anything else. They have come down $10K from their original asking price, but it's because they put more money and owe more $$ on the house than what it's worth. So now the big issue is the the appraisal, which has been officially ordered and will come back next week. If it comes back favorably, then I think this will be my house. If it doen't come back favorably, I'll know this isn't the one for me. If it is my house, then be assured the A/C is going to be fixed or replaced soon!

The sellers do have a home warranty and supposedly they had it serviced, even though the inspector said it hasn't been - so my realtor is personally paying for the warranty call for them to come out and see about the "you say you serviced it and it's working fine, we have an independent inspection to prove otherwise" discrepancy - we're not horribly hopeful because typically the warranty companies wiggle their way out of responsibility but it's worth a shot. I'm praying that if this is the Lord's house for me He'll make it abundantly clear with how the appraisal comes back - either at or close to the sales price so I can afford it or way under so I can' I'll know for sure whether He wants me to have this house or not.

In other news, Dad is doing OK, recovering from the biopsy, and has an appt. with the doctor on Friday to learn pathology results. He will need to figure out what kind of doctor to see for the sarcoidoisis.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Update

Yesterday was the house inspection. I wasn't too overly worried about it because the inspector had, at his suggestion, done a "drive-by" to check the major issues like roof and foundation prior to me entering into a contract. He told me this house is a castle compared to the other 2 I've had contracts on. The only major issue is the A/C. It's old and hasn't been serviced so it's not cooling efficiently and that means, in our 100*+ heat, is running non-stop. So I'm going to ask for $200 credit from sellers for a service call on it. I know they cannot afford to credit me $5000 for new A/C and I'm hoping the cleaning will help me get through September and October and then I can buy new A/C next year.

There are some minor plumbing issues but mostly just old fixtures that have been there from the beginning (70's) which I would want to replace, so I will probably just get a handy-man out there and have him replace them for me at some point.

It was nice to get a good report but the biggest relief of the day was Dad's biopsy going well and getting the likely prognosis of no cancer.

The next steps on the house were getting the closing costs amounts from the lender and then moving forward with ordering the appraisal, which I just did. That's where things could get tricky. There are no comparables in the immediate neighborhood other than foreclosures and you can't use foreclosures to base appraisals off of. We had a spot appraisal done and the counter offer from the sellers came in Friday at $2500 over that so my realtor felt that was close enough to go for it. I'm hoping the real appraisal will come in at purchase price. If it doesn't, I have the opportunity to pay the other $2500 without penalty. I'll just have to see how all the numbers work out.

I like the house and would really like this to be the one and be done with this process on so many levels and move Labor Day weekend and be done, but I want to be sensitive to the Lord's voice and not just plow ahead because I'm impatient and ready to be done! Another reason I have for wanting to have this be all finalized is that dear friends are going to the mission field and I need to pledge my montly support to them in the next couple weeks. I can do that much more accurately if this house is "the one"...but God is in control and He is not surprised by any of this...or that I continue to have daily migraines...I praise Him for providing the grace to get through the days and for the medication to make some better than others. He is good!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Dad

Thanks for praying. Dad's biopsy went well. The doctor called it sarcoidoisis and said it is usually not melignant. It generally responds well to steriods. They should have the pathology results later this week or the beginning of next. He said Dad should be able to go home today, which was also good news.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please pray for my Dad

My Dad has suffered from undiagnosed throat and head pain for the past 18 months. He has seen 11 different specialists and no one has been able to diagnosis his condition or give him relief. He recently has been having asthma issues and as a part of that had some breathing tests which led to a PET scan of inflammation around his trachea. There is a possibility that he has lymphoma as the lymph nodes around the trachea are imflamed. The biopsy is 11:30 a.m. CST this morning. We are thankful the biospy was able to be scheduled so soon. They might have an initial idea but ultimately results will take 5-7 days. The good news is that the doctors does think this is causing Dad's throat and head pain. We are thrilled at the idea of having an answer to his constant pain after all this time but of course would prefer the answer not be lymphoma. He will probably be in the hospital overnight as there is a risk of bleeding due to where the "snipping" has to be done. Thanks for your prayers for him and my Mom. I wish I could go down there to be with them but can't miss any work right now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Under contract...again

...this time on house #3....and hopefully, since we've done a lot of the leg work ahead of time, this one will be "it"...if so, I'll be moving Labor Day weekend! Set to close August 30 because the people are still living there, but essentially it should be a "done deal" after the financing comes through in 3 weeks or so...thanks for praying and keep it up - just that the Lord's will be done and I be patient!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House update

This house business is such a roller coaster (I know I keep saying that but I can't think of a better description). So when it looked like a definite "no" yesterday, we got word late in the day that the sellers are going to order their own appraisal of their property. This is good news because it will help everyone establish the appropriate sales price. The issue for me has not been the price they're asking but rather whether my lender would loan me all the money for the property as it's likely not worth the asking more waiting, but it's a positve turn...I'll take it! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

House #3

***updated 7/20/11 11:30 a.m. CST*** It seems that the house is not going to appraise for what the sellers want/need for the house. So the sellers either have to take $6000 less than what they said their lowest possible offer was, or I have to move on...will update again when I find out more, but at this point, I'm thinking #3 is not going to be the 1. And yesterday, it was the opposite. What a roller coaster, and what a blessing that none of this takes the Lord by surprise and He NEVER changes! :)

This is house #3 that I've placed an offer on. I liked it the day we saw house #2, but house #2 was being sold at a much better value (I now know why!) so I went with that one at the time. Since #2 was a no-go, I put an offer in on #3 on Friday.

The issue with this house is that it is listed at around $82/sq ft compared to the others in the neigborhood that have sold for $70-75/sq ft - a couple by the same listing agent as this one. So my agent suggested I go in at that price (which amounts, in this case, to $14,900 under list!) and ask the sellers to provide substantiation of value of a higher counter offer.

I'm glad my realtor is thinking ahead because she told me that this issue is the appraisal. If the house doesn't appraise for the price we agree on, even if it is under list, then the lending company wouldn't be able to give me the money. So before we go through with a full inspection and everything, we are trying to cover all our bases first.

The nicest inspector in the world offered last week at house inspection #2 to do a "drive-by" the next time I found one I liked. He said he could tell in 15-20 minutes from the outside whether a house was worth pursuing. I was thrilled when he came back and said that house #3 was the best of the 3 so far, becaue house #1 was in great shape. That was very encouraging.

So the next step was that my realtor asked the listing agent for some proof that the house was worth what they were asking for it. She did that Thursday and we heard nothing back until this morning. The couple that owned this house is only able to go down $3000 from list but there is no appraisal anywhere that justifies that price. They admitted they may have to take it off the market. So not sure whether this will work out or not. I can't move forward, even if I am willing to pay the higher price, unless there is an appraisal somewhere to justify the amount I need to borrow.

This house is in the same neighborhood as house #2 so I was pleasantly surprised that the foundation nightmares of that house weren't an issue this time. It is still close to work and in a safe neighborhood. It has things that need updating, like hideously faux-finished kitchen cabinets and shower doors on the tubs, but that's something I can do over time.

I would love if this was the one, but I know the Lord has a plan. I really would like to have this be the one so I know just how much I can pledge to my friends that are going to be missionaries and are raising their support. Without knowing my monthly housing expenses, it's hard to know what to tell them. If you're reading this, please pray that I will have wisdom. If house #3 falls through, I may wait awhile to look further. I don't HAVE to move. I can go month-to-month on my apartment for awhile. The most important thing to me is that I will do what the Lord wants me listen to His voice and not the voice of my selfish desires of wanting a place of my own and wanting this house-hunting to be over with.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aunt Sarah is on her way...

Super excited that I just booked my tickets to go to San Jose for the baby shower of my new niece in to find the perfect cross-stitch pattern that will fit the nursery theme of a meadow with butterflies and flowers...

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekend

It was great to have my Mom here this past weekend.

We went to the Dallas Dog Show and saw some of these, among others:

I'm so glad God made dogs. Just what I needed to make me happy (well that and my Mom and her brownies...!) after bad news on the house... so glad she could drive up for a visit.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

House Roller-Coaster

So, the results of the inspection Friday were not good, to make the understatement of the century. You name it and it was wrong with the house - roof, foundation, wiring, water damage/leaks, bad A/C, bad furnace, bad windows. I'm thankful for a good inspector and that I could walk away before it was too late.

I was also disappointed to learn that the other houses on the same street/cul-de-sac that were possibilities for me are likely in similiar situations as far as foundations that are so bad they let water in as well.

What an emotional roller coaster house-hunting is! I'm thankful my Mom was in town over the weekend to help me take my mind off things by going to the Dallas Dog Show. Nothing like some wagging tails to help a saddened heart!

I know the Lord has a house for me. I plan on looking at a few more this coming Saturday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unbelievable FNMA response time...

...FNMA (Fannie Mae) actually responded today--woo-hoo! :)

There is more than 1 offer, so the procedure is for me to (did last night) submit my "final and best" offer and then the seller (Fannie) will consider and counter/accept the best offer. It's really a "crapshoot" because I have no idea what the other offer(s) is/are...but my realtor has been doing this awhile and gave me a good suggestion so I'm going with it...and I now have peace about it, which is another answer to prayer.

Don't know what to expect as far as response time but I'm so thankful I heard yesterday and didn't have to wait a week or more like we thought I might! :)

Hopefully I'll have an update tonight or tomorrow...if not, I'll keep asking Him for patience! :)


Saturday morning my realtor and I headed out to house-hunt and found this cute one above. I put an offer in on it and am very excited. The problem is that it's owned by the government (Fannie Mae), so they take their sweet time getting back to you...could be a week or two or more before I hear back...and there could be multiple offers. I'm not a patient person and waiting 24 hours for the seller of the other house to get back with me was hard - waiting a week+ is definitely not going to be easy! I know if it's the Lord's house for me, then it will happen, but in the meantime, I need patience and I need it NOW!