Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unbelievable FNMA response time...

...FNMA (Fannie Mae) actually responded today--woo-hoo! :)

There is more than 1 offer, so the procedure is for me to (did last night) submit my "final and best" offer and then the seller (Fannie) will consider and counter/accept the best offer. It's really a "crapshoot" because I have no idea what the other offer(s) is/are...but my realtor has been doing this awhile and gave me a good suggestion so I'm going with it...and I now have peace about it, which is another answer to prayer.

Don't know what to expect as far as response time but I'm so thankful I heard yesterday and didn't have to wait a week or more like we thought I might! :)

Hopefully I'll have an update tonight or tomorrow...if not, I'll keep asking Him for patience! :)

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  1. Exciting- seriously, housing is nothing you want to rush...! Tara