Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on House

Even though there were several little things from the inspection Monday that I could have asked the sellers for credit for, I only asked for $200 for an A/C service call because it is not working well (and for any of you reading this that aren't in Dallas, it's 100+ here for the past month with no foreseeable break in sight). They wouldn't agree to it! Basically, they say they can't afford anything else. They have come down $10K from their original asking price, but it's because they put more money and owe more $$ on the house than what it's worth. So now the big issue is the the appraisal, which has been officially ordered and will come back next week. If it comes back favorably, then I think this will be my house. If it doen't come back favorably, I'll know this isn't the one for me. If it is my house, then be assured the A/C is going to be fixed or replaced soon!

The sellers do have a home warranty and supposedly they had it serviced, even though the inspector said it hasn't been - so my realtor is personally paying for the warranty call for them to come out and see about the "you say you serviced it and it's working fine, we have an independent inspection to prove otherwise" discrepancy - we're not horribly hopeful because typically the warranty companies wiggle their way out of responsibility but it's worth a shot. I'm praying that if this is the Lord's house for me He'll make it abundantly clear with how the appraisal comes back - either at or close to the sales price so I can afford it or way under so I can' I'll know for sure whether He wants me to have this house or not.

In other news, Dad is doing OK, recovering from the biopsy, and has an appt. with the doctor on Friday to learn pathology results. He will need to figure out what kind of doctor to see for the sarcoidoisis.

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  1. Sounds like perhaps they made some poor financial decisions in the past or were just put in a bad spot with the economy. Praying you'll get a very clear yes or no!