Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Statement

So what do 3 ankle sprains in a month earlier in the summer followed by 6 weeks of not doing anything about it get you?

Stylish footwear and physical therapy!

Yes, it's true. I finally went to the doctor earlier this week because my ankle was just not healing all the way. Guess I have tendonitis in addition to the sprain so I need to rest it, hence the lovely boot. Also start physical therapy next week.

I've never had any kind of boot or cast so this is new territory for me. It's taking a lot of getting used to and 4 days into it, my foot/ankle is more sore than when I started--but the doctor's office assured me that's normal.

I'm thankful that it's not my right foot or else driving would be very difficult! :)

Try to contain your jealousy of my latest fashion statement!!!

Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trusting Him in ALL Things

I have come to realize in the past week that there was a major area of my life in which I was not trusting the Lord fully.

A major change is coming in my department of The Company, one that will impact me greatly. The lady that I have worked with for the past 5 years is retiring in mid-September. I knew she was retiring, but it wasn't supposed to be until the end of the year. Well, their house sold in 2 weeks instead of the 4-6 months that the realtor told them to expect, so the plans changed.

Upon learning this news last week, I was overcome with anxiety and worry about how this is going to impact me. What if my boss doesn't get the approval to replace her and I have to do 2 people's jobs? Physically, I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle that. I have come to count the lady that's leaving as a friend and our cubes literally face each other and we sit 6 feet apart. I'm certainly going to miss her from a friendship perspective as well as a work one. If my boss does get approval to replace her, then what if the person he hires is not easy to work with?

It occurred to me that all this worrying and stressing out was a result of me not trusting the Lord with this situation. He is in control and already knows how the situation will play out. He has my best in mind and even better, has promised to be with me always. I'm going to work on surrendering this situation (day by day and hour by hour, if necessary) to His capable hands. All I need to do is remember His faithfulness over prior changes in jobs over my lifetime. He is the same God and will continue to be faithful, even when I demonstrate my lack of faith.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."--Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Jesus is enough for you and me again today, Sisters. He is our Portion. Let's leave tomorrow to Him. Give us this day our daily bread, Lord."--Beth Moore 8/12/10

Amen and help me, Lord! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quote of the Week

The Purple Cellar: Quote of the Week

I don't struggle so much with gray hair as's heredity. My grandmother (I'm told) had some white hair when she graduated from HS. My Mom was nearly 100% white by the time she was 45 (I'm just a few years away from that!)

I, however, have made the decision that my grandmother and mother did not--namely, to use my friends at Loreal to alter my hair color. I've been "medium golden brown" now for 9 years. :) People say it looks natural and it is very close. The red that comes out is also heredity.

But I do like how Piper directs us to focus on the good--God's faithfulness--instead of the negative. I needed that today. Hope this quote encourages someone else out there.

Have a great weekend. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

SUYL: My Testimony

I'm late in getting this posted, but I wanted to join in with Kelly's "Show Us Your Life--Testimonies".

I used to think I didn't have a very interesting testimony...and the beginning is fairly mundaine...but hang on, because I promise the end will be worth the reading!

I was raised in a Christian home and in church from the age of 2 weeks old. When I was 7 years old, I asked my Mom lots of questions one day and she led me to Christ. In middle school and high school I had to make the conscious decision to stand up for Christ and how it would make a difference in me versus my classmates in public school. The Lord blessed me with a great support group of Christian friends, my church youth group and being a part of the local chapter of Teens For Christ. I went to a Christian college and went through the process of deciding whether I believed what I believed because it was what I was told to believe, or whether I agreed with it. Again the Lord was faithful to provide some great friends to help me during this time.

It wasn't until the fall of 1995 when I finished my student teaching that I began making decisions that gradually and very subtly lead me away from the Lord. There was not necessarily anything overt about my drifting away from close fellowship with Christ, but I see now how one decision after another led to hardening my heart to His still, small voice.

By the time the fall of 2000 came, I was a mess. The only relationships in my life were unhealthy and I was allowing those people to lead me further away from God. I spent my first 3 days in a mental hospital (for being suicidal) in August of 2000. While I was getting help from a therapist and doctor, things continued to decline and on the evening of October 1, 2000, I had a handful of pills in my hand. In the end, I'm not sure if it was stunt for attention or if I had intended on taking them, but it doesn't matter. I had sunk to the point that I believed the lie that I was worthless and due to the choices I had made, God could not possibly forgive me or love me.

I'm so thankful that the Lord in His mercy rescued me from myself. When I woke up on October 2, 2000 in the mental hospital, I felt like the scales had come off my eyes. I made some difficult decisions medically and relationally. Just 9 months later I moved site-unseen from MI to TX to go to Dallas Seminary. The Lord transformed my life by giving me a new start. I knew no one in Dallas when I moved here in July 2001, but quickly the Lord surrounded me with a good group of friends, a solid church and a good job.

While I was never able to complete my seminary degree (due to health and mainly $$), I hope I never forget what I learned during those years--much of which was outside the classroom. I'll never forget the moment when, in 2002, I was part of a group of ladies that was privileged enough to have lunch with Dr. Howard Hendricks ("Prof" to all of us). We went around the table and each gave a short testimony about how the Lord got us to DTS. After I shared mine, he looked at me and said "wow, what a testimony". Indeed--a testimony for which I want God to get all the glory.

While I have many regrets about my years of wandering away from my Shepherd, I bask in the mercy and grace He has showered on me. I hope I never forget all He rescued me from--not only eternally in my salvation, but from myself that night in October nearly 10 years ago and many, many times since. To Him be all the glory!