Friday, August 5, 2011

A Clear "Yes"

So the house...well, after the first appraisal came back for x, my realtor filed a rebuttal showing why it should come back for x+$2500 (sales price). Earlier this week, we got revised appraisal for just that - great news! BUT, underwriting at lender had to agree...more waiting...won't know till this next week...except...I just got a call...

Revised appraisal approved for sales price = Sarah shells out less of her savings for this house = a clear "yes" from the Lord = answers to many prayers!

How gracious the Father is!

So, barring anything else sprouting up, the closing is set for August 30. I'm allowing myself to be officially excited now...praise the Lord!


  1. Congratulations Homeowner! So glad the hunt and paperwork is over! Now to move and settle in!!