Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There are at least 2 honest people...

...left in this world. Remember this? Well, last night I received my computer bag WITH SEEMINGLY UNTOUCHED COMPUTER INSIDE back from the people that rescued it!!!!!

Yes, you read that right! They were moving in 2 doors done and thought they better take it before someone stole it. They reported it to the office and waited. I didn't report the theft to the office because 1) didn't see the need; my apartment complex is not the kind where people turn stuff in, ya know? and 2) I haven't had the best of experiences with the management of office over past 5 years.

Well, somehow (only God), the guy found my work e-mail address in the bag and e-mailed me Sunday. I e-mailed him back and called his number and yesterday picked up the bag. I never even expected the computer would still be there but the bag itself is worth $65-75 so it was worth walking 2 doors over in 105* heat. But I could tell when they handed me the bag from the weight...and indeed when I got home and opened it...computer was there. Turned it on, worked beautifully.

Praise the Lord, and thank you to the 2 honest people (at least 2) that are left in this world. Never guessed they would live in my apartment complex, let me tell you that! :)

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