Thursday, December 9, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Madison

Madison was doing great yesterday and even got moved to a regular Peds floor. Overnight, she quickly and severely detiorated. Her breathing is rapid and her lung condition is very poor. The fever is back and the doctors know she has an infection. They just don't know if its viral (which would just have to run its course) or bacterial. She's on the strongest antibiotic there is just in case. The doctors are concerned the infection is in her heart, and obviously that would be incredibly serious. They won't know that for a few days. If it is in the heart, she will have to be in the hospital a MINIMUM of 6 more weeks (meaning over Christmas of course). Please pray for her parents Tom & Jennifer and Madison's doctors as well as her brothers Dallas and Jackson. This family has very strong faith but they are human and are very concerned. Thanks for praying! God is able!!!

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