Monday, October 17, 2011

Komen Race 2011

[Forgive my lack of ability to get Blogger to allow me to re-arrange my photos in order....ARGH.]

On Saturday, I and around 29,999 other folks participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas. It's one of the larger Komen Races in the country. I was finally able to organize a team at work this year and I think that the group enjoyed themselves and were moved by the amount of people joining together for such a great cause.

You see some many creative shirts and costumes at the Race. One of my favorites was a little girl dressed up like a fairy with a ballerina skirt and wings and a shirt that said "we need to find a cure before I get boobs" (she looked to be about 6). There are always the somber "in memory of" ones and the pink-shirted survivors, some still in chemo or not far-removed that have little or no hair under their pink caps. Komen has advanced the fight against this awful disease and we have made great strides - but we must continue until we find the cure!

Last year I was unable to participate due to migraines and I missed another year due to bronchitis, so I was thankful to be able to participate this year. I'm "paying for it" in a manner of speaking, but it's something that it important to me and I'm thankful the Lord provided me the strength to do it.

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