Thursday, February 16, 2012

Growing cuter and cuter...

Is she not too cute? This is my 2 month old niece Kaelynn. She gets cuter each time I see a new picture of her (I know I'm biased). It's been a while since I shared one on here so I thought it was time. I think she's going to have at least 1 dimple - see it trying to peek out on the right? Ooh, I just want to kiss those cheeks! :) This made my Valentine's Day!


  1. I totally see the M side of the family in her!!! Cute!

  2. Baby is adorable! Are those footsie pajamas? Love those!

    I am going to be a little forward here, hope you appreciate it. From the little I have read, you want to find a great husband, right? Well, Sarah, you are hiding your looks. Get rid of the glasses. It will open up your face. Contacts!! Let your hair grow and don't have such a severe cut. You want volume, body, and curl. I would get some highlights around the face to lighten your hair, but not streaky, just natural looking. Then adjust your make-up. Put your money in a good base because that makes the biggest difference.

    That baby actually looks a lot like you, you both have very similar features!! Let yourself shine, Sarah! You can do it!!

    Good luck!:)