Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our wonderful CA weekend

So I haven't re-capped our wonderful Memorial weekend in CA yet that we spent with my youngest brother S, his wife M and their 6 month old baby girl Kaelynn. 

It was great.  We first saw Kaelynn at daycare.  She didn't have a clue who we were but gave us a huge smile.  From there we went to swimming (Mommy & me) class.  She kicked her little legs in the water to get to the toy.

Throughout the weekend we had fun feeding her cereal or fruits & veggies, playing with her on the floor with her toys, watching her jump in her jumparoo, holding her, reading to her and just generally soaking up her 6 month old cuteness.  She's at one of my favorite ages.  Her little mind is just working a mile a minute to learn everything it needs to.  She is responsive to facial expression and makes her own.  Kaelynn is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen.  Even though her teeth were bothering her, she still smiled a lot.  Her red hair is too cute.

We saw a lot of this million dollar smile!
This last picture is hysterical.  We were babysitting and were desperately trying to get her to stay awake until bedtime so she wouldn't wake up too soon in the night for her parents.  She hadn't napped well and was exhausted as you can tell by her little eyes.  My Dad pulled out his phone and started playing songs for her.  She loves music and it worked, but doesn't it look like the poor little thing is saying, "really, Granddad?  Can't I just go night-night, please?"

What a sweet girl.  What a sweet age.  What a sweet time, making memories.  As always our time was too short, but I was glad we got to go.

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