Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend Warriors to the Rescue!

Here are some "before" pictures of my Garden of Despair:

Pretty much, it's former owners didn't put down landscape cloth + current owner's neglect = a mess.

Then, the Weekend Warriors arrive:

And they do what they do best.  Here are the "after" pics of the Garden of No More Despair:

Amazing, right?  What can I say.  The Weekend Warriors (aka Mom & Dad), are hard workers, perfectionists and love to garden.  We were out at a time on Saturday and Monday mornings that I usually sleep right through, but we had to start early to avoid the heat.  I pulled so many weeds Saturday that every part of me ached by Saturday night.  But now, I'm not depressed every time I come and go from the house to the carport!

After removing the problems.  Here is what we added:
Rain gauge (so I know when I can take off watering) + 2 plants + [very] little tree
Three plants, at least one had/will have purple flowers:
Add the little plant "starts" Mom and Dad brought from their plants at home.  I have affectionately named them The Stick Family.  Supposedly they have great potential.  I'm not sure they are going to survive 105* for a week and the afternoon sun every day, though.  I will do my best to keep them alive but I'm not too hopeful!

Here are some other things my parents helped me with this past weekend, in addition to the yard transformation:
Hanging of towel bars/rings.  Double towel bar took (no exaggeration) 2 hours to hang.  What can I say?  My Dad is thorough and exact. :)

Knobs on all the kitchen cabinets (brushed nickel to match curtain rod):

Hung up some pictures:

These are souveniers from my May 2011 trip to Ukraine to see the Yellow Hats:

This is an addition to my bathroom.  Love me some Anne Geddes babies!

So thankful for Mom & Dad's help with all this stuff!  Hope you had a great Labor Day!