Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you Veterans!!

Today is the one day a year that our nation sets aside to honor our veterans.  I have to admit that prior to my friendship with The Yellow Hats, I was one of millions of Americans that took veterans for granted.  But knowing people my age that selflessly serve with their family has really opened my eyes to the sacrifices that modern day vets make. I have a much greater appreciation now for all of our veterans - past and present.

On Tuesday this week I was going around to people at work and asking them if they voted, saying that people have died for the right to give us this privilege to make our voice heard.  I was absolutely speechless when one girl said "I don't vote". When I said that many people throughout our country's history had died to give her and protect her right to vote SHE ACTUALLY SAID "I didn't ask them to die for me".  I had to walk away, people.  I was so angry I had no words (which for me, is saying a lot).  I really couldn't believe she had said that.  How absolutely irreverent and clueless, among other things I could say.

But I'll save my "why you should vote" soapbox for another day.  I try to appreciate veterans and their sacrifices now year-round and not just one day a year.

THANK YOU to all veterans - past and present - serving here and abroad - for all you sacrifice to make and keep our country free.  I am gravely sorry for taking you and your sacrifices for granted and hope that one day you will receive the honor and gratitude you deserve!


  1. We got your card and we appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers so much!!

  2. And our veterans died to give her the freedom to not vote as well. It is sad that there are the ungrateful among us, there always will be.

    My heartfelt gratitude goes to all armed forces that give up their personal time with their loved ones to keep me safe.