Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our sweet redhead's first birthday

Last weekend Mom, Dad and I went out to CA to celebrate Kaelynn's first birthday.  It was so much fun.  Kaelynn is a sweetie pie.  I was surprised to learn that she can actually pick out Hello Kitty. At first my brother and sister-n-law thought it was a fluke but then store after store, it kept happening.  So that became the theme for the party.  We think it's the big face she sees and likes - and the contrast of the white with black.  Her Mommy got balloons with Hello Kitty on them, including a HK mylar balloon that was bigger than K.  She literally said "!"  I had never heard a one year old say that before!

Kaelynn was fashionably late to her party because she overslept, but we were glad she had a good nap to be in a good mood to host her guests.  We had a house full of about 30 people, including about 8 kids age 6 and under.

When it came to cake time, we were curious to see what Miss Kaelynn would do. Even though the cake was delish (had fudge in the middle of the chocolate layers!), she wanted nothing to do with it!


Kaelynn learned to walk the week before her birthday and is so cute toddling around.  She is a very happy baby.

By far the most precious time for me, though, was the time I got to hold Kaelynn and rock her and read to her.  I know I look a mess in these pictures, but I had just gotten up.  I love how she points to the embroidery on my shirt - and then how she looks up at me, trying to figure out who I am.  Those moments, as well as the ones spent trying to get her to go to sleep at night (she's not the best sleeper and we put her down 2 nights when Mommy and Daddy were out) - were so special.  Because I know all too soon she'll be too big to rock and hold and kiss and cuddle.  I love you, sweet Kaelynn Mae.  Happy 1st birthday, precious girl!

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