Saturday, July 13, 2013

My birthday week vacation 2013-part 2

The second day I was in CT was Sunday.  The Bridge Church, the church plant that Becky and her husband Aaron are ministering at, holds their service in the evening.  It was great to have a relaxing morning and afternoon after such a busy day the day before.

The next day, Monday, it was time for the missions team from MS to go on to their next church. Aaron took them to the drop off location in Boston and Becky, the kids and I meet him there.  Because they are such fans of Chick-fil-a and we were within an hour or so, we went to the nearest location, which happened to be a nice mall with a great indoor play ground.  Titus has a great time in the little car.

Emily decided to make a side dish out of the Polynesian dipping sauce!  Becky and I were parceling out the food and looked over to find her doing this!

Bethany was very distracted and just wanted to go back to playing with "her friend".  She is very sociable and doesn't know a stranger.  Apparently she had met and made a friend while playing before dinner and was impatiently waiting to get back to playing!

The next day was story hour at the library.  The lady was great.

Apparently, Emily's favorite thing to do when someone is reading to her is to look at another book, because Becky said she does this all the time at home, too!

After the story, the kids made July 4th crafts.  Then we headed to the play date scheduled with Becky's two Pastor's wife friends and their kids.  First on the docket was lunch: PB & J.  Titus really gets into his food - and he especially loves grape jelly!

The kids had a great time playing.  There were girls Bethnay's age and a boy Emmy's age.  Titus wanted to be with the big kids, of course.  I tried to keep him out of trouble to let Becky have a chance to talk to her friends, because her time with them is very limited.  In addition to being Pastor's wives, these 2 ladies are also homeschooling like Becky, so they have that in common as well.

There are places in Africa that are actually more evangelized than areas of New England.  Becky and Aaron really appreciate when they get to fellowship with other believers outside of the church.  It's something I know I take for granted.

My vacation was so much fun. The weather was good - with the exceptions of the mosquitoes.  They had had so much rain there that the mosquitoes were awful.  Even though we sprayed the kids down, they still got eaten up every time we went outside.  By the end of the week, they had cabin fever.

We did get to go outside on July 4th, though, in town, away from the bugs.  I'll talk about that in my next post!

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