Thursday, May 8, 2014

Madison does NOT have to have open heart surgery!

Praise The Lord! Madison was able to have her heart valve replaced via catherization today, a procedure called the melody valve because the doctor that invented it was a musician. This means she will not need to have open heart surgery. There was considerable doubt, due to the scar tissue she has from 4 prior open hearts as well as other issues, whether Madison would be a candidate for the procedure. 28 have been done of these, 19 at this hospital.

Madison feels horrible, but the recovery will be so much easier from this. There is still a considerable hurdle to get over with regards to the transition of the short-acting blood thinner she is on immediately after surgery, to the long-term one she lives on, Coumadin. In the past, Madison has had life-threatening bleeds during this transition.

Please continue to pray, but first pause to praise Him who has done a great and mighty thing this day! Thank you.

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