Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 Weeks from now...

...I will be with "the redheads", as we're fond of calling them, with this tiny one being the newest:

She's two weeks old in that picture.  First smiles.  I love that and that her little cheeks are starting to get chubby.  Apparently her big sister is giving her Daddy a run for his money:

So, Aunt Sarah is on her way...just not today as I had originally planned.  My migraines have been out of control and I have missed a lot of work, so I have been behind.  So, after praying about it and flexibility on the part of the chief redhead (that would be Mommy) and the non-redhead (that would be Daddy), I'm going to go two weeks from now.  Lord-willing all the work will be done (or enough of it anyway!) and the migraines will be more under control.

Because the thought of NOT seeing my redheads is just not one I could swallow.  I need some special big sister time with K and I need to hold baby A before she's no longer a newborn!

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