Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, K!

So this goofy Cinderella Ballerina, with this face, has gotten me through the past few hard weeks:

Whenever she is asked to hold her sister's hand, she actually holds her tiny arm, right above the hand, like this (notice the same face; no idea where this came from - haven't seen it before or since - but it's made my day many times!)

Then, this past weekend, she had her THIRD birthday party. Her day is actually the 28th, but that's a holiday weekend, so I think they went with something easier to get the friends and family out to.  Here is the guest of honor posing for Mommy:

Then here she is, walking down the sidewalk to her party.  I just love the look of wonder and joy on her face:

Happy 3rd birthday, sweet goofy K.  You have weathered this past year and all the big, big changes, very well and Aunt Sarah is so proud of you.  You are a very good big sister and are such a big girl - no more be-be (pacifier) and no more diapers! You are in a big girl bed and are in the big girl classroom at school. 
Time goes by so quickly.  It seems like just the other day you were as little as "baby 'Lyssa" (as you call her).  I hope you always approach life as you do now - 100% full speed ahead, ready for any and all adventures! I love you so much!  You were my very first favorite redhead! (shhh!  Don't tell Mommy!)  :)

Aunt Sarah :)

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