Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Dog or not to Dog...

...that is the question!

I've been offered a 5 year old 2.5 pound female Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). Since this is my blog and since very few people read it and since I have a headache and don't feel up to chatting on the phone with friends right now to think this through, I'm going to use this venue to write out my thoughts.

There's no question that I love dogs and that I could use the companionship. No question at all. The real question is whether I want to make that kind of financial commitment. I've been wanting a dog (actually 2, so they can keep each other company during the day while I work) for a LONG time...really ever since I had to show the "last act of love" to my 12.5 year old dog when I lived in MI 9 years ago. I have a furry hole in my heart that only a canine can fill.

I do not have any experience with Yorkies, but have a friend that does and there are some definite benefits--smaller kennel, smaller appetite, smaller collar, smaller leash, smaller everything, which usually means smaller price tag as well. The grooming thing, though, is a concern. One of the reasons I wanted to get Pug(s) is because they are a 'wash and wear' breed...not so with the Yorkie. I would think I'd need to get her groomed every month or so. Then there is of course the matter of the pet deposit at the apartment...$300, which is nothing for me to sneeze at. I think they'll let me pay it over the course of a few months, but nonetheless...

I don't think a Yorkie would require an extraordinary amount of exercise--I would think playing with her in the apartment would be good. I would try to walk her as much as I could, as much as my physical limitations allow. But I cannot have a dog that requires a lot of activity (like a Border Collie or Welsh Corgi or a Lab or a Golden Retriever, etc., etc.) Because the Yorkie is so small, she would get quite a bit of energy expelled just roaming/playing/running around the 600 square feet of space I rent here.

Bottom line - cost of care vs. unconditional love and companionship is a tough choice for me right now. Finances are not my strong suit and one of the things I wanted to get a better handle on this year. Would certainly mean less expendable income for spoiling my niece (by blood) and nieces (of the heart, my friends' baby girls). But in the long run, perhaps I could save money by being forced to watch my spending more closely.

My friend that called me today asking if I would give "Sophie" a home is going to continue to try to find someone else, and if she does then obviously that will be the Lord's answer. But this is not a decision I take lightly so I want to be sure I give it the prayer and thought it (she) deserves. Thanks for anyone who's reading this for reading this. :) I appreciate you!


  1. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with dogs, but I's a Siesta too over at the LPM blog and read your comment & just wanted to say "hi" b/c I'm 40 and single and know that it's really hard some days. That's all--just that you're not alone!