Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the winner is...

...NOT to dog. :( :(

After lots of input from Facebook peeps, in-real-life friends, and prayers from friends & family, I made my decision...the one that was my first instinct yesterday afternoon when I got the phone call that might have changed my life.

I will NOT be adopting "Sophie" the little Yorkie.

I'm going to hold out for my Pugs, maybe even from see, I have thought and planned about my "girls" for years. Their names will be Petunia & Violet (Petunia after Porky Pig's sister and Violet because it's my favorite [Crayola] shade of God's best color!) There will be 2 of them so they can keep each other company during the day while I'm at work.

They will be Pugs for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is:
  • Pugs do not have to be groomed - just "wash and wear" and trim the nails (I can do that without a groomer at home)
  • Pugs do not need a lot of exercise, and are fairly low-energy, which is conducive to my lifestyle with FMS
  • They fit the size/weight restrictions for most apartment complexes
  • They've stolen my heart with their sad eyes and just look like they'd be great companions
But, as is the case with a lot of my other dreams, I realize that God may provide for my need of canine companionship in other ways, and I am open to that...hence why I did give Sophie genuine consideration.

Thanks for letting me think through things...thanks Mrs YH for your prayers! I have peace with my decision and hope that someone else will be able to provide Sophie with a loving home!

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