Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

On of my fave blogs to read, Kelly's Korner, today, there was a great post about the simple pleasures in life. Here, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, are some of my simple pleasures:

1) Going to bed Friday night and knowing I can sleep until I want to Saturday morning (benefit of being single and childless!)
2) Cross-stitching while watching college football
3) Having it be in the 60's in my apartment without either A/C or heat (i.e., VERY low electric bill!) ;)
4) Hearing my friend's little girl call me Aunt Sarah...and her getting excited for me to come and giving me hugs
5) Hearing my niece (by blood) who's 2 say "love you" on the phone after I told her the same thing (this was the first time she uttered those words ever)
6) Enjoying the every other weekend I don't need to brave the apartment laundry room
7) A good sale at Gymboree
8) Having the opportunity to play my oboe
9) Going to my doctor's office and getting a hug from her and being thanked for coming!
10) Being "kissed" by a dog and having him be excited to see me, even when he only sees me once every month or so
11) Getting the weekly cards I get from my Mom, that usually also contain a little 'mad $$'
12) Freshly fallen snow (mostly memories as it doesn't happen much now in TX, but I used to live where it snowed a lot!)
13) A baby's laugh
14) Special K Chocolatey Delight with Kashi Go Lean Crunch and milk (typically for dinner!)
15) A Karen Kingsbury novel
16) Being able to snuggle with my babies in the baby room (nursery) at church and having them all be content/quiet even for a few seconds
17) An e-mail from a friend I haven't heard from in a while
18) God's hand clearly evident in an area of concern in my life
19) (newly acquired) DVR
20) Jelly Belly jelly beans (esp. the Cold Stone Cream flavors)

Again, those were in no particular order; clearly some of those are far more precious and priceless than others.

That was good and fun and a great way to start the day! What are some of YOUR simple pleasures???

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