Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update on Prayer Request

Carol's blood results were good enough to send her home but that means she has to wait a while longer for a liver. By following her doctor's instructions to the letter, her numbers are better...but that means she's down on the list a little further now. Friends that work for transplant doctors as well as those who have siblings who have received transplants confirm that this emotional roller coaster is par for the course. I can't imagine the stress on the family--must be sick enough to qualify for liver but well enough (no fever, etc.) to withstand the transplant. Certainly a delicate balance, but nothing outside of our mighty Great Physician's realm of power. Carol's soldier son is on leave until February 15. Please pray that if the Lord wills she will get her liver before he has to go back to the war--and that in the meantime, the family will have peace and rest. Thank you.

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