Monday, March 14, 2011

Filling up my tank

Friday I had the unexpected pleasure of having lunch with one of my closest friends B and her 2 little girls that call me Aunt Sarah. While they only live on the other side of the metroplex, during the week it's too far for me to go and she's working on the weekends. So I actually hadn't seen her since E's 1st birthday in December.

I know how fast children grow up so each time with them is precious. Seems like just last month the nearly-4-year-old in the pink boots was the size of her baby sister. Each time I see what I call my "nieces of the heart", I try to soak the love in like a sponge, much as I do with my biological niece A. I heard someone once describe that as filling up your love tank. I get so much joy out of B (nearly 4 yrs old) and E (just 1 yr old), and the fact that they know and love me sends me over the moon...and slightly makes up for the fact that my niece A does not know me well yet, since she doesn't see me often. I adore B&E and saw them both in the hospital when they were born and have loved watching them grow and develop.

And, how fun is it to buy matching sister dresses?!!?!? I can't resist. You can only dress them in matching things for so long and then they get an opinion about what they want to wear and the matching sister dreses thing is all over! I'll enjoy every bit of it while it lasts! :)

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