Sunday, March 27, 2011

God is still in the miracle business

I had the wonderful privilege of going to a baby shower of a seminary friend whom I haven't seen in 6.5 years! She and her husband have been through a horrible 2 years (see her blog here.) and were told that they would likely not have any more children.

I'm so thrilled to share that God is still in the miracle business - their little miracle is Micah David, due to arrive a few weeks over 2 years since his big sister went to Heaven. Beyond the joy of seeing my friend and celebrating Micah's life (and I admit, loving to see baby clothes and things!),

I was reminded again that God is able. Able to walk us through what we never imagined we'd face. Able to walk us through daily trials that may not be as hard as some others', but matter to our Heavenly Father just the same. Able to do far beyond what we could imagine. Able to do miracles.

Driving home from the baby shower yesterday, I was thinking about the 6.5 years that have gone by since my friend and I last saw each other at seminary. How much has happened in each of our lives - how faithful the Lord has been to us. She and I were in a small accountability group together in seminary and I know just a little of her past and what the Lord has seen her through.

I know what the Lord has seen me through in these past years of my life. I marveled again at what a good, faithful, compassionate and mighty Heavenly Father we have. One that is still in the business of miracles.

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