Monday, March 12, 2012

Holy Is He

"Holy is He
and great is His glory
Holy is He
and worthy of our praise

"I stand in His presence amazed
and crown Him with worship and praise

Holy is He
Holy is He
Holy is He"

[lyrics by Claire Clonlinger, music by David Clydesdale]

The choir sang one of my favorite songs in church yesterday. I didn't copy down all the lyrics, but above are the words to the chorus. I found the lyrics in their entirity online here.

I was reminded yesterday why the Bible tells us not to neglect assemblying for corporate worship and fellowship.

Because while I can watch my church service live online, I miss out on the fellowship and physical corporate worship that way.

Going to church has become a struggle as of late because every time I do, I get a migraine due to the lights in my Sunday School (Bible study, small group) class room. I wear sunglasses to help but that just delays the migraine from coming on until I can get home. The rest of the day after church is a wash, I get nothing done because I'm either laying in bed with my eyemask on, or on the couch watching TV with the volume way down (when I get migraines, I become very light and sound sensitive).

But yesterday, the fellowship and encouragement and teaching from the Word I received by going were worth the migraine that ensued.

Because, as my SS class teacher says, we are hard-wired for fellowship - that's the way the Lord made us - and we're just not whole without it.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me about the importance of being together with the rest of your Body, the church. Forgive me for neglecting the privilege I have in this country of worshipping freely. Help me to choose you and your people over everything else.

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