Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Trip to CT: Jesus is Enough

**I still can't get Blogger to insert my pictures at my cursor where I'd like them to come in the narrative. So, here are the pictures part of my post! Picture #1. Child #1, B, age 4 and 11 months. Picture #2. Child #2 E, age 2 and 3 months. Picture #3. Child #3. T, age 3 months.**

My dear friends the C's left this area of north Texas to follow God's call to pastor a tiny church plant in Stoors, CT last August and I hadn't seen them since. My heart was aching to see them and the latest addition to the family, T, born in December, before E's 2nd birthday.

I was able to redeem some frequent flyer miles and go up last week for a visit. I can't tell you how good it was to see this precious family - it was way past time to fill up my love tank. The girls had grown bigger; 2 yr old E was talking so much more now (most to me still unintelligible). The baby is now 3 months and a smiley happy laid-back fellow (good traits to have as a third born). Nearly 5 yr old B is more independent and just older. Seems like she was the 3 month old not so long ago - where does the time go!?!

When my friends A&B were preparing to go up to CT and were raising their support last summer, I found it astonishing that less than 1% of CT are believers. That state, like many in the northern US, is less evangelized than parts of Africa! The church plant is 3 years old and meets on the campus of UCONN. The majority of the congregation is college students but my friends A&B are trying to reach out to families as well to have a more diverse body of believers there.

I was surprised by how rural the area is. It seems nothing is "on the way to" anything else and it's not easy to "run and get errands done" like it was/is here in north Texas. It has been a large adjustment for them on a variety of levels and they have learned and continue to learn many lessons. One that my friend B said she is learning over and over again - in various ways - is that Jesus is enough. Moving thousands of miles away from all your friends and family with a 4 year old, 1.5 year old and you're 7 months pregnant? Jesus is enough. Only 1other couple in the church with kids? Jesus is enough. Not knowing whether you'll get paid on Friday so you can buy groceries to feed your children? Jesus is enough.

I sat there and soaked in what she was saying and was simultaneously humbled and encouraged. Encouraged that people I know would give up a fairly comfortable life of ministry in a church they'd been with for 10 years to go to "who knows where" just to tell people about Jesus. Humbled because if Jesus is enough for them in their stark circumstances, then He most assuredly is enough for me in mine.

And, praise the Lord, Jesus is Enough in another way as well - this week especially as my mind is more focused on it (though every day I should remember to be thankful) - He paid in full the sin debt I owed to God the Father. The payment of Jesus' shed innocent blood on the cross where He died for all my sin (and yours) is enough (hallelujah!) to rescue me from eternal death! I have salvation through His death and resurrection - His triumph over death and sin and the grave! JESUS IS ENOUGH!

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