Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crash, slide, crash!

So, I have always said when we get our "inclement weather" here that it doesn't matter if you personally know how to drive in it or's all the crazy yahoos that don't.

In their defense, they don't get much practice as this happens maybe once a year. But all us northern folk know the number one rule: fight your instinct and do NOT slam on your brakes. Ruben V in his red car didn't get the message and slid right into me. I'm just VERY glad I was in the left most lane and so I didn't slide into another car, I hit the guardrail.

The car doesn't look that bad. My neck/shoulders head are a bit different. Excuse the crude drawing below. This same triangle has been a sore spot for 11-12 years since car accidents back then that never healed right. This time, I re-injured the same area and added a new symptom: tingling fingers. It's very uncomfortable, but I know it could be a lot worse. My medical massage therapist/HHP is helping me and the goal is to get this all under control soon.

After dealing with the body shop and two different rental car companies today, let me just say that customer service is a lost art!

Tonight we are getting freezing precip again, so I know someone that will not be eager to get on the roads for the potential to wreck a car registered to Enterprise!

Be careful out there, everyone!

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