Thursday, November 19, 2009

CA trip re-cap, Part 1

This is the first of 2 posts about my trip to CA. My first two days I spent in Monterey with my good friends the Yellow Hats and their 3 kids: Big Girl (almost 7), The Boy (nearly 4), and Baby Girl (18 mos.) They are in the Air Force and are finishing their assignment there in 3 weeks and are on their way to Germany. I had to take this time to see them before they got too far away. Mrs Yellow Hat and I are friends from Cedarville (then College, now University)--we were both music majors (she was trumpet major and I was oboe). VERY precious family--well behaved, sweet children and a loving, godly family. Very encouraging to be in their midst.

The second day I was in town, we went to visit Point Lobos, which is one of their favorite spots to go and is just breath-taking. The Sea Lion trail was closed so we couldn't go down to the water, but what we could see from afar was amazing enough for me!

After going back to the house and getting the kids fed and down for nap/rest/room time, Mrs Yellow Hat & I headed to Coast Guard Pier and saw lots of sea lions and birds and starfish. Wonderful scenery, even though it was cold by the water, we were blessed with a great day (although after almost a week there, I think pretty much every day in CA is great weather-wise!)

After Coast Guard Point, we went to Cannery Row, including:

and had scrumptious brownies and peppermint hot cocoa.

Then it was back to the house for more play time with the kids and a yummy dinner. Afterwards, Mrs Yellow Hat took me to a girls' game night and I was introduced to Bunco. I wasn't good at it at all, but it was a lot of fun.

My time with the Yellow Hats went by way too quickly and it was time for me to leave to visit my bro S and his wife M in San Jose. They just bought a very nice, brand new home and it is beautiful--I'm very happy for them. It was nice to meet my nephew & niece dogs, too. Sadie is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix and Sammy is a Boxer.

Sadie doesn't like the camera, but Sammy is a very social fellow. He's 2 and still very much a puppy. St has to have 3 scheduled, purposeful play times with him on the weekend days to get him tired enough to sleep at night!

We went to eat at a Greek place for lunch, went back and watched Ohio State beat Iowa (GO BUCKS!). After a light dinner, we went out for dessert at a very nice place with very horrible service. At least they had a gift card and weren't paying for it!

I was sorry to have to leave them after only 1 day, but St has a new job and is working 6 days/week.

Monterey and San Jose were wonderful (best of all were the people I visited with while in those cities!) All too soon, it was time to be on my way to San Diego for the second half of my trip (to be posted later)...

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  1. The Yellow Hats loved having you! By the way, very remote- stressing remote as it'd be a God thing- that you'd be flying to Kyiv and not Germany. Will explain later. But wherever- it's still abroad and would be fun, right!?