Saturday, November 7, 2009

Empty Arms: Hannah's Story

Hannah’s earnest plea for a child is one that my heart has cried (and will continue to, I expect) so many times. Yet the same God that so abundantly blessed this godly woman by granting her the desire of her heart will someday (and even today in the interim) fill this child-size void in my heart with His tender, gentle, comforting presence. Praise be to YAHWEH the God of Israel and the God of my life! Only He is worthy of praise, for only He gives the gift of life, the gift of gratitude, the gift of tears, and the all-encompassing, never-ending gift of grace!

Empty Arms

Hannah’s Prayer of Desperation

[I Samuel 1: 9-11]

Holy God my Father

I come before your throne

Though I love you will all my heart, Lord,

There’s times I feel so alone.

My empty arms are aching

For a precious little one

You know my heart, oh YAHWEH

So to you, my Lord, I come.

Each time I see a baby, Lord

There’s sorrow in my heart

When I let my emotions take over,

I’m nearly torn apart.

My empty arms are hurting

But in the midst of the pain, I see

That only you are able

To fill this void inside of me.

So though my heart is fragile

And my flesh is only weak

Help me God to trust you—

It’s solely your face I seek.

So though my arms are empty

I praise you for your grace

In your sovereign time you’ll fill them,

Until then, I seek your face.

I wish I knew how to post a song on here. I wish you could hear my dear friend Becky’s beautiful voice sing this as a lullaby. This is the first time that one of my poems has been set to music. It is a portion of the poem “Gaze Into My Eyes” that I posted last week.

Gaze into My Eyes

Hannah’s Lullaby from Yahweh

[Words by Rebecca Lynn Edumondson (now Campbell) and Sarah J. Moseley]

I’ve loved you right from the start

And have all the best for you

You are my child

I love you with all my heart

Gaze into My eyes, my child

In them You’ll find my peace

You’ll find no judgement here

Only my sweet release.

Seek me and you’ll find me

When you seek me with all your heart

Come. rest in my arms

I’ve loved you from the start.

Gaze into My eyes, my child

There you’ll find my rest

In the midst of all your cares

I’ll turn your good into My best.

This Child

Hannah’s Song of Dedication and Praise

This little child, used by you

Greater things no one could do!

You formed him perfectly in side of me

Now he’s yours Lord, I set him free.

What a gift you’ve give your servant

My whole life up till now

My heart beat for you, Lord,

I knew you could—somehow!

Is there any reason you blessed this simple servant

With love so rich, so free?

No, my Lord Almighty—

It’s all you, NONE of me!

My life now has such purpose

My head now raised, I see

That all along you’ve loved me, so I’m here on bended knee.

He’s yours Lord and yours only—I give him up, I give him up to Thee!

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