Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayer Request

I would like to ask anyone reading this to pray for my friend Rosana's husband Ed.

Ed had complex heart surgery a week or so ago and that part actually went pretty well. However, they discovered last week that during the surgery, somehow the oxygen supply to his brain was decreased. He is now under medical sedation but no one knows what to expect when he wakes up. The sections of the brain that are affected in Ed's case are responsible for multiple things from short term memory to motor skills.

Specifically today (Monday 11th), Rosana is responsible for finding a long-term care/rehab facility for Ed. She is praying that the 3rd place she is interviewing today will be willing to accept Ed--that they will have a bed available for him and that they will feel like they can help his neurological recovery. This facility she's visiting today is world-renowned for brain rehab and has won multiple awards for their quality of care.

Ed's condition is certainly critical, but not without hope. Because we serve a Great Physician. We are praying for complete healing for Ed and for strength and peace for Rosana. She just wants him to wake up and be "there".

Thank you for praying. Our God is able!

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