Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kyiv Trip re-cap part 8

Before Bunco night (see part 7), I went with the Yellow Hats to a wedding of one of their friends/babysitters. It was held at the Expo Center in a heavily treed area. It was a pretty setting and we were glad for shade because it was a hot day.

One of the things they did was pass out rose petals for us to though before (not on) the bride & groom came down the aisle. Big Girl and Baby Girl were excited to do this as you can see.

Venue for wedding:

This was an interesting tree that family and friends decorated. Not sure of the significance. Since this was the first Ukrainian wedding the Yellow Hats had been to, they don't know if it's a cultural thing or not. It's possible it could have related to the message the minister preached about the Garden of Eden?

We arrived at the Expo Center at 1:40 because the wedding was to start at 2:00. If you look closely at Tara's watch below, you'll see that before 3:00, things were finally starting to get underway!

For the last 20 minutes while we waited, we had a saxophonist playing. He was quite good. One of the songs he played was "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and those of us in the audience that knew the song sang along!

At the end of our long wait, when the minister finally stood up, he said something about them not really being late because it was their special day...

The bright pink was a night color contrasting the green surroundings.

At long last, the bride FINALLY arrived in a Porsche SUV. Since I don't know the wedding couple or party, I'm not including pictures of them. Though I don't speak or understand Ukrainian, this much I know - in any language, love is universal. I could tell how much in love this young couple were.

All in all it was another interesting experience on my Ukrainian adventure!

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  1. And the groom's side will always remember that those obnoxious Americans were singing and swaying to the music while we waited!