Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kyiv Trip re-cap part 9

This post is about statues and historical figures/buildings. There is a lot of research I want to do on these, but for now, we'll go with what my Kyiv expert, Tara, tells me (because I know she's 100% correct!):

This lady with her sword and shield is a WWII museum.

These are "the Holy Ancestors"

This is the Lenin statue. However, according to Baby Girl (3 yrs old), it's the "lemon statue", and one time she even called it the "plum statue"!

Fellow on the horse there is Bohgdan Khelmenitsky, a hetman from the Cossack days who led an uprising against the Polish.

This was a very cool cloud formation behind the replica of the Golden Gates building:

The building below is a replica of the Golden Gates, which now houses a museum. Golden Gates was the entrance to the ancient city when Yaroslav the Wise was around.

Yaroslav himself.

Another view of the building

As I think I mentioned in a prior post, the primary purpose of my Kyiv trip was not sight-seeing, but Tara saw to it that we visited many important places in the city while I was there, and I'm grateful for that. My trip was a great balance of visiting with the Yellow Hats and seeing Kyiv, and I'm very thankful for that.

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