Thursday, December 1, 2011


Baby girl's cultures were negative for bacteria yesterday (praise the Lord and thanks for your prayers) so her Daddy (my brother) thought they would be able to go home. My SIL had a headache still from the epidural so they were to talk to the anesthesiologist about that, but her fever was gone and she was feeling better overall.

Kaelynn has beautiful red hair. Since I'm not sure how private they want to be with pictures, I need to ask them before I post any of her--but believe me when I tell you it's a pretty shade of red, just like Mommy's. Granny, aka Kaelynn's paternal grandmother (aka my Mom) has always wanted a red-headed baby and now she has one. She had red hair before hers turned white. Kaelynn's other grandma had red hair before hers went gray/white. Daddy's beard even grows a little red sometimes too, though his hair on his head and arms, etc. is dark brown. So the "odds" were favorable she would have red hair and we're thrilled she does.

Obviously far more important than red hair is that even after such a long delivery process and the risk of severe infection or worse, she is healthy and so is Mommy and we're praising the Lord for that. Kaelynn's Daddy isn't exactly the world's best communicator (I say that in love) so I don't know for sure, but we think they are home from the hospital now. I can't wait to see them in 23 days! :)

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  1. I saw your post on Beth Moore's blog about anxiety. I recently used my memory verse spiral on a plane to combat anxiety. It's amazing how powerful God's word is, huh?

    Also, glad to hear your niece is healthy!