Sunday, January 29, 2012

The first holes

Please look past the clutter, but I am proud of myself for hanging my new curtains by myself. This pic is from my phone so it's a bit grainy. The colors are blue, rust and dark chocolate brown. I only made one extra hole and that was because the first one there was something like steel preventing the drill/screw going all the way in - so not my fault! It took my a long time...lots of measuring and I am very happy with the results. Now as I have had time to stare at them more I see a section that is higher than the others, but I am NOT taking them down to do anything about it!!!

Next comes more cleaning (I've moved back into the kitchen and found the cleaning products I need for the floors) and then hopefully next week beginning to think about pictures on the walls. I was disappointed that when I ran into the wall by mistake with a (I shouldn't have been trying to lift it by myself 'cuz it was too heavy) box, the smooth finish scraped off! So I'll have to figure out what I need to do to fix it-was hoping the walls would be a bit more resilient to wear and tear by not so much. :(

But at least I'm not staring at painters' paper that says "please do not remove paper from windows" hung up by Scotch blue tape anymore!!

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  1. hooray! The rods that extend have one part that is smaller than the other in diameter, so it will be a slight difference in height.