Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Work in Progress: Day 3 Pics

I'm sorry I can't figure out how to turn these pics. You can't tell, but the walls are now perfectly smooth. Paint is "practical beige" as I selected for everywhere but kitchen, where it will be "bluebell". They are painting the kitchen cabinets white but only primed one or two. I guess they were waiting for me to empty them because they'll be painting the inside of them as well, but no one told me so I hadn't emptied them! My painter's ESP must be malfunctioning! :)

The first pic is the guest (bigger) bath where they stashed all their stuff for the weekend. I told them no working this weekend as I wanted the house to myself. They finished the living room/dining room and as you can see, unwrapped the furniture and put it (roughly) back in place. There are some imperfections that I can see that I will need to point out to the head guy, but the good news is that I am happy with the color and I have my sofa and comfy chair back to enjoy for the weekend.

I am currently sitting here with all the doors propped open to air out the paint fumes. I'm glad it's not in the 90's or 100's, good call on my part doing this in January instead of July. What a mess everything is - thick layer of dust (in addition to normal dust that was there before the project) - on top of everything. No sense of cleaning now since they're not done. It will be worth it though to have smooth, freshly repaired and painted walls in my color, not the multi faceted ones of the former owner. It will really feel like home when I can hang pictures on the walls - which I will be able to do soon! :)

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  1. Looking good!!! I'll e-mail you- had a thought about hanging pictures!