Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dad update: post-op day 1

Thank you for your prayers. After an "ok" night, Dad was moved to a step-down unit today and the focus and challenge has been pain management. While Dad is still in pain, he has been comfortable enough to sleep most of the afternoon, for which we are thankful. 

The PT folks came and got Dad up and walking. The lactic acid in the muscles adds to the pain factor. He is back on a little oxygen after his little walk, but the medical staff says that he is doing well and everything like the incision and the drain there looks good. 

Mom has often said the second day (24-48 hours) after surgery is the hardest, and at least for us, that has usually been the case. Lord-willing, Dad will be able to sleep through more of this difficult period. We are very thankful that he is heading in the right direction, and appreciate everyone's prayers. Please continue to pray for good pain management, and rest for both Mom and Dad.


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