Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty as a Picture!

I am very excited to share the Etsy "store" of one of my fave college profs, Dr. Charles (Chuck) Clevenger. He's an amazing artist and has just released some of his most popular prints in the form of note cards. His work is amazing!

Dr. C (as we call him) is such an inspiration. He is a gifted pianist and watercolorist, but perhaps his greatest gift is that of being an amazing teacher. He was one of the most encouraging of all of my great profs at Cedarville. It was ONLY by God's grace and Dr. C's generosity that I passed Aural Skills (ear training)! That was by far my hardest series of courses in my music degree curriculum.

Thanks to the technology of Facebook, I have reconnected with Dr. C. and am eagerly awaiting my order of his beautiful note cards in the mail...just in time to write Christmas thank-you notes! :)

So check out Dr. C's store--enjoy!

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