Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another great song from church Sunday

"Honored, glorified exalted on Your throne
Holy Lamb of God, we bow to You alone
King of all Kings, our joy for endless days
Jesus You alone are worthy of all praise"
--Randy Vader

This is an exceprt of a beautiful song that our choir and orchestra sang/played in church on Sunday. It struck me as a great way to start the New Year--or each ordinary day, for that matter: praising the Lord. So often I get into the "please do this", "please heal them" type of prayers without remembering to praise the Lord and thank Him for all He's done. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with asking the Lord for these--in fact, Scripture tells us too--but it also reminds us to honor the Lord and ascribe to Him the glory due His name.

Indeed, Jesus alone is worthy of all praise!

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  1. I saw your comment on KK. I like this post. I know, it is so important to praise God in everything!