Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prayer Request

I just learned that Becky, one of my closest friends, was taken to the ER last night because she passed out. After several tests, they don't think she hit her head when she fell, but she does have the flu. She also has an irregular heartbeat. Please be praying that she will recover quickly and that there will be nothing seriously wrong...the doctor thought the irregular heartbeat was related to passing out and that it would be gone this morning. I am definitely praying that is the case.

To give you some background on how dear Becky is to me, she was my first friend in seminary when I moved to Dallas 9 years ago. Becky and her husband have two precious girls that call me Aunt Sarah and I was MOH in Becky & Aaron's wedding. These friends are such a blessing to me. They have been going through a major period of trials in the past year and this is just another one along the way. Their faith is exceptionally strong and I'm fairly confident that Becky will be OK. It is, however extremely scary! If I had to guess about why she passed out, if it was indeed "just the flu", Becky was probably up and taking care of everyone else even though she was sick.

Thank you for praying with me! I'll update after church this afternoon on the latest.

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