Friday, September 20, 2013

CA vacation, part 2

Kaelynn likes to color and play with stickers. She doesn't have the fine motor skills she needs to do the stickers by herself, so Mommy or Daddy has to help.  Most stickers are too small, but she had some big HK ones that worked quite well.

She also is getting pretty good at recognizing her animals.  She has a wooden puzzle and Daddy and Mommy were calling off the animals and asking her, "Kaelynn, would you take the sheep to Aunt Sarah?"  She would say "yeah" and go get it and bring it to me.  These are the animals I got, Mommy got the rest in the puzzle.  She knows the sounds most of the animals says too.  I thought that was pretty good for 21 months.

And then she is learning her shapes.  Remember this toy from Tupperware?  They still make it!  She can do (with a bit of help twisting to the right angle to drop in at the end) the circle, oval, square and triangle and is working on the others.

It was pretty hot outside (low nineties) by CA standards, so Mommy had a surprise.  Biodegradable water balloons!  Kaelynn had never seen water balloons before, and boy, did she think they were neat! :)  I love how she is carrying them here...

Thankfully she didn't get upset when we had one break.  The grass would pop those little suckers...

She has a little pink basket that goes in a riding toy and that became the mode of transportation for Kaelynn's precious "booooo" (blue, her current favorite color) and red balloons.  She had to take them from the hose through the trecherous grass and as you can see, the bucket is very small, so she could only transport a couple at a time.  It was very cute.  We had a problem, of course, when it was time to go inside, because she didn't want to leave the water balloons.  So the water balloons came and hung out in the sink of the power room downstairs overnight.  :)

The next day, when Aunt Sarah and Kaelynn played with water balloons and it was time to come in, she didn't want to leave them in the sink or outside.  So, since they're biodegradable, I thought fast on the fly and came up with a game.  We could "give the flowers a drink" by throwing the water balloons at them.  No more water balloons and we're not wasting water!  She liked that idea.  She would pick out the flowers for me to water and I would pretend the flower was saying thank you to her. :)

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