Saturday, September 21, 2013

CA Vacation, Part 3

Not too far from where my bro, SIL and niece live is a cute zoo and amusement park geared towards small kids and toddlers called Happy Hollow.  Kaelynn has been there many times and loves it.  I'm glad that my last day on my visit with them, I could go and see this cute little place.

Have pink Hello Kitty sunglasses, have snack (raisins), will travel!  :)

While we waited for our turn on the carousel, the "big kitty" (the one she's riding on above) was straight ahead, and that was the one she wanted to ride.  We were not the first in line, so the adults in K's procession weren't sure how all this was going to play out if K didn't get her preferred animal.  However, somehow the stars aligned, and here she is on the "big keeeee" (kitty).

K spotting the cute little squirrel monkeys

Watching the tortoise or turtle.  Marni's parents are reptile lovers and had a reptile sanctuary when she was growing up.  I asked the difference between a tortoise and a turtle.  One goes in water and one doesn't but now I can't remember which is which. :)

Watching the meerkats.  I missed the pic that was so precious - a line of about 6 toddlers with this same pose against the glass, all different nationalities.

Despite the look on her face, she really did enjoy herself.  The funny thing about this is that Mommy and Daddy call her "Bug".  So, "Bug" is in a bug ride!  :)

Nothing warms my heart more than watching my brother be a Daddy to his baby girl.  I thought she looked so grown up here, holding Daddy's hand.  I have also always loved the analogy of a little girl holding her Daddy's hand with regards to how I should always hold tight to my Savior's.

The idea of holding her hand in the shape of a cup was lost on her.  But I loved how she laughed when the Shetland ponies, donkeys and goats "tickled" her fingers when they ate out of her little hands.  :)

Horse's reign = K's necklace.  Why not?

After the zoo and a little down time, we walked up to a great burger place for dinner.  K is a lover of ketchup.  I think she would eat it all by itself if she was allowed to!

This was her after dinner while Mommy and Daddy were talking to the neighbor.  When you're 21 months old and you don't take a nap, this is what you look like an hour before your bedtime!  One can never be too tired to swing, however!

What a joy it was to spend the holiday weekend with my red-headed sweetie and her parents.  I'm so excited that I get to see them again in about 2 months down here in TX when they come to see Granny & Granddad for an early 2nd birthday party for K and early Thanksgiving with our side of the family!

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