Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vacation Teaser

So, I just came back from an eight day vacation in CA -

While I'm catching up with work and my online class, I thought I'd give you three teasers until I can post about my trip.

Days 1-4 were spent with my fave (now 21-month old) redhead, my niece Kaelynn:

Days 5-8 were spent with a friend I used to work with in her retirement home in the mountains.  We went to Lake Tahoe and I saw breath-taking views of God's creation, like this:

and this:

Will post some other pics and tell you some funny things K said when I get a chance!  So glad to have time with my sweetie pie and to see the mountains - and to have 6 work days off!  Now it's back to reality...  :)

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