Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on a Prayer Request

I wanted to give you an update on this.

I'm so pleased to report that weeks later, Ed is awake and alert and seems to be cognitively able to function fine. His gross motor skills are severely affected, but all of that can be "re-learned" with therapy. I went to see him a couple weeks ago and he looked like himself. He has been moved to a specialty hospital where they can help him best.

Ed is a physicist and so his mind is literally his job. It would have been so tragic if he was cognitively impaired. We are so excited to see all of what God has been doing in the way of healing and encouraging Ed and Rosana.

Make no mistake, Ed has a very long and hard road ahead of him, but the future looks bright. Thank you for praying!

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  1. Great news! Have a super weekend!! (Was it really a year ago you were in CA with us? I could really use a treat at Ghirardelli right now!)